Easy French Macaron Recipe (With Troubleshooting Guide)

French macaron is a delicate and delicious cookie that is sure to WOW all your loved ones! This easy French macaron recipe will help you make a perfect batch of these dainty almond cookies!

These cookies can definitely seem finicky at first but once you get a hold of the technique, you are going to love making them every single time. The trick to making perfect macarons is patience and following the recipe EXACTLY!

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20 Unique Things To Eat In NYC That You Simply Cannot Miss

New York City, where millions of dreams come to life everyday. All you have to do is believe and the city helps you in making them come true. Here, you’ll find people from all walks of life, from investment bankers, to engineers, to actors and what not. All of them blend in together like true New Yorkers and this is what New York is made of.

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