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It’s A Sweet Sweet World is more than just a travel blog. It’s a platform through which we want to share our humble experiences with you and help you get the most out of your travels.

We guess you are here because, like us, you love to travel too. You dream of breaking free and flying untethered, every single day. Traveling helps you give a whole new meaning to life. Well then my friend, you are not alone, we are the same.

Who are we?

We are Akriti and Tushar, a couple of travel buffs in their mid 20s, conquering and discovering the world one trip at a time, while working full-time jobs.

Many people quit their jobs in order to travel the world. We’re a little too ambitious to give it all up, though. So, we decided to try and travel the world while also working full time. We don’t have the luxury to travel indefinitely but we don’t let that stop us from living our dream.

Find yourself in the same boat? Then, follow along on our adventures as we uncover the hidden gems of the world!


4 things I love: My dog – Maple, pastries, beaches, and watching the sunrise.
4 things I dislike: Mondays, onions, nights, and traffic.

Born in Delhi, India, I had always been a rebellious kid. There had always been lot of unrest inside me until I discovered my love for traveling. It was not until the age of 22 actually, when I took my first solo trip to New York. This city is really close to my heart as it uncovered a whole new part of me.


4 things I love: Driving, anime, checklists, and desserts.
4 things I dislike: Movie spoilers, low battery, soda, and cold showers.

Born in Chandigarh, India, I have always been excited to try new things, whether it be reading a new book, learning a new skill or discovering a new place. Throughout my engineering, I pursued a variety of courses to get to know people from across the country. On connecting with their cultures, I realized that I wasn’t meant to belong in one place. Travel became the means that helped me explore the world and unravel new parts of me.

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