Lounge Review: MasterCard Lounge at Prague Airport | Is It Worth It?

During our last trip to Europe, we had decided to explore the beautiful parts of Central Europe, focusing on the countries of Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Central Europe is quickly becoming one of the most popular regions to travel in the continent. It has everything the popular western countries have to offer such as the great European history, beautiful outdoor cafes, medieval architecture, amazing nightlife, and more. And you can do all this without breaking the bank!

We booked an open-jaw plane ticket for this trip mainly because it gave us more flexibility and we could explore more places that way, and also because, luckily for us, the cost of a roundtrip ticket and an open-jaw was coming out to be the same. So, we arrived at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and departed from the Prague Václav Havel Airport.

View of Prague city from the Charles' Bridge
Beautiful view of Prague from Charles’ Bridge

Prague Airport is an amazing airport for Priority Pass members. The airport has a total of four priority pass lounges – two located in Terminal 1 and two in Terminal 2. Since our flight back to the United States was departing from Terminal 1, we had access to two lounges – the Menzies Aviation Lounge and the MasterCard Lounge. Since we had quite some time with us, and also as both the lounges are located literally across from each other, we were able to visit both of them. But for now, let’s talk in detail about the MasterCard Lounge.

Accessing the Lounge

Access to the lounge is complimentary if you’re one of the following cardholders:

  • Priority Pass holders
  • MasterCard Platinum cardholders
  • MasterCard World Elite premium cardholders
  • MasterCard World and Gold Elite premium cardholders

In addition to that, you can also purchase a single entry pass into the lounge for 750 CZK (~$33). 

Mastercard lounge at Prague Airport comfortable seating

Few Things To Note

  • At Prague Airport, the security check happens at the gate. Hence, this means that you will only be going through the initial immigration checkpoint before you can head to the lounge. So keep sufficient time on your hands and leave for your gate accordingly.
  • This also means that you can’t fill your water bottles at the lounge, and to top it all, there isn’t any water filling station at the gate either. So you’re left with only two options, either parch your throat during the 8-hour long flight or buy over-priced water from the gate. That’s so annoying!

Location & Hours

Hours: 5:30 AM – 11:30 PM

MasterCard Lounge at Prague Václav Havel Airport is located at Terminal 1 and in order to get to the lounge you will have to pass through a large duty-free shop and then turn left. Here you will see signs for the airport lounges. Take an escalator up one level and you will see the entrance to both lounges.

Mastercard lounge exteriors
Lounges are located on 2nd level

Lounge Interiors

The hallway leading up to the lounge entrance might seem a bit dated, but once you enter the lounge you will be pleasantly surprised to see its interiors.

Mastercard lounge at Prague Airport comfortable seating
We loved sitting on those couches!

The lounge is set up in three areas – the entrance area consisting of the check-in counter and some desks with computers, a middle area where most of the food and drink items are located, and a well spread out main area with lots of comfortable couches and seating available. We spent most of our time lounging on one of their high-backed sofas because, well, they were quite snug. Oh, and also because we got some amazing views of the runway from there!

Food and Drinks

The lounge offers a decent selection of food. While the snacks including chips, pretzels, butter biscuits (my favorite!) and nuts, are definitely a great add-on to have, we felt that they need to improve on their hot food items.

Mastercard lounge snacks display
Snacks on display

Since our flight back to New York was around late afternoon, we were at the lounge by noon. This is definitely lunch time in most parts of the world, so we were expecting more lunch friendly options. What we got, instead, was only one variety of soup – leek soup, some open-faced cold sandwich options, some cold cut meats, and cereal. No doubt their open-faced sandwiches were enjoyable, but I can’t say for sure whether they were really good or I liked them just because that was the only actual thing to eat?! Nonetheless, the sandwich options included a veggie cheese-based variety; a salami, pickle and potato salad version; a seafood variety; and a ham and cucumber one. Out of these, I enjoyed the seafood one the most.

Selection of wine and beer

Although they do not have a fancy bar or a bartender compared to other lounges, they do have a self-service drinks area where you can choose from a variety of beverages, including the local Budvar beer, red and white wine, as well as a good selection of liquors. Well, the positive side to everything being self-serve is that you can have as much or as little as you like; there is no restriction!

Mastercard Lounge self-service bar
Self-service bar at the lounge

In addition to alcoholic beverages, they also have an amazing espresso machine serving Lavazza coffee. It was definitely the best airport cappuccino I’ve had in a long time! They also had many juices, and sodas. But for me, I’ll stick to my cappuccino!

Overall Thoughts

The MasterCard Lounge at Prague Airport is definitely a good place to relax since the seating arrangement at the gates is pretty crowded and uncomfortable. The lounge setup is pretty cozy and the vibrant colors of the interiors definitely add to the perky vibe. 

However, if you’re taking a flight during lunch or dinner hours and expect to have a meal before your flight, then I’d recommend heading to a restaurant instead since their food options are quite limited and need to be improved. All in all, it’s not a bad option if you have complimentary access with Priority Pass or Mastercard, but I wouldn’t pay to access it.

Mastercard Lounge at Prague Airport pin it

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  1. We like to use lounges if we have quite a long wait as it’s so much more relaxing than just wandering around the terminal. It’s useful to see a review with photos as it makes it easier to make a decision on particular airports.

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  9. Great review, thanks for adding pictures. I tend to find most airport lounges similar to this one with limited food and beverage selections, but if you have a long lay-over they aren’t a bad place to spend a few hours 😉

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