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Vienna, a city known for its beautiful imperial palaces and incredible architecture, is on most people’s wish list. Simply being in the city makes you feel like royalty, kindling the desire to experience life in a luxurious way. Just when you start dreaming about your deluxe life, reality drops.. Your Budget!

Inner Stadt – Beautiful Vienna

Traveling to Vienna on a budget? But still hoping that you could experience the beauty of Europe in a luxurious style? Well, then Hotel Austria is your answer!

hotel austria vienna inner stadt boutique hotel
Hotel Austria entrance

Located in the heart of the city, in the historic Inner Stadt, Hotel Austria will just dazzle you with its Old Viennese charm!

The moment you enter the hotel, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to an historical era. Some might say that the interiors are a bit archaic, but don’t we all just love medieval European architecture? We absolutely loved its interiors for their rustic yellowish color, old intricate design and the on-point cleanliness they offered, giving it the ultimate royal appeal. Isn’t that what we’re in Europe for?

Hotel Austria, Vienna


Address: Am, Fleischmarkt 20, 1010 Wien, Austria

Hotel Austria is located right in the middle of the historical Old City of Vienna. It’s just a few steps away from the famed St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a few minutes away from the Vienna State Opera House, the Hofburg and the popular shopping streets.

Even if you’re the kind who likes their quiet and are worried that the hustle and bustle of the Inner District might just be too much for you, then we have some good news. Though it is very much in the center of the city, it is situated at the end of a quiet cobblestone side street, thus giving you all the calm you could ask for.

hotel austria vienna inner stadt boutique hotels
Side Street leading to Hotel Austria

Arrival and Check-In Process

Check-In: 2 PM & Check-Out: 11 AM

Since it’s located on a cul-de-sac, some people might find it difficult to locate and we agree that even the simplest things can be confusing in a new city. But, we’ll tell you how to remember its location so that you can find it easily every time you come back from exploring the city. Keep the popular Griechisch-Orientalische Kathedral as your reference point and once you’re there, Hotel Austria is located on the side street right in front of it.

Oh, another thing to note is that taxis won’t drop you right in front of the hotel, but you can get dropped off at the cathedral after which the hotel is only 10 steps away.

The check-in process was very smooth and we were highly impressed by the jovial nature of the staff that was present at the reception. Not only that, since we had changed our plans at the last minute and decided to extend our stay by 3 days, they upgraded us to a Deluxe Room, which included air conditioning and a bigger bathroom! We absolutely loved their kind gesture.

hotel austria vienna inner stadt boutique hotels interior

The Rooms at Hotel Austria

The hotel consists of 46 rooms that are spread across 4 floors, which includes Economy and Deluxe Rooms.

After seeing the flattering hotel interiors, we thought we had seen the best part of the hotel. But the rooms, both Economy and Deluxe, were so well designed that we were absolutely stunned.

hotel austria vienna inner stadt boutique hotels interior bedroom
Our delish manner wafers waiting for us!

The rooms are adorned with antique-style furnishings, huge windows with patterned curtains and a European style carpet giving it a traditional yet elegant look.

The hotel also gets the technology right. The room comes appointed with a flat screen TV, a CD player, high speed WiFi, and air conditioning. However, only the Deluxe rooms have air conditioning, but they do provide fans in the Economy rooms.

Aside from air conditioning, Economy rooms also differ in their bathroom layout. The toilet, and the sink and bath area (the shower) are separated out in the Economy rooms (which some people prefer; I do!) whereas there is just one big bathroom in the Deluxe rooms. In both cases, the bathrooms were very clean and I appreciated the large shower, powerful hair-dryer, lush bath robes, good quality toiletries, and slippers that they provided.

Oh and we felt that leaving Vienna’s most famous treat – Manner Wafers on pillows was a really nice touch!


The hotel does not have a gym or a pool but neither do most of the hotels in Europe. It’s an antique-style hotel, remember? But, it does have a nice lounging area right next to the reception, with a small library where you can read your favorite books about Europe. iPads are also available for guests to borrow.

During summer months, you can even rent bikes from the hotel to enjoy the Inner Stadt. They also have a selection of local wines that can be enjoyed on the second-floor terrace on warm evenings.


We absolutely loved their breakfast hall! It was so beautiful. And their breakfast spread was massive, so all the more reason to love this part of the hotel, right?

hotel austria vienna inner stadt boutique hotels interior breakfast
The breakfast hall

Just by looking at their selection, we could tell how fresh the food was going to be. From fresh fruits and a wide variety of cereals and nuts, to freshly squeezed juices and an assortment of cheeses and meats; the way they laid out everything made it look grand. Oh and they have champagne too, perfect for those who crave their mimosas or bellinis in the morning!

But what we loved the most about their breakfast were the warm croissants, french breads, and cakes. Just slather them with one of their homemade jams or have them on their own with a delicious cup of cappuccino! I’m sure you’ll love them too. It’s Europe after all, they know their stuff.

hotel austria vienna inner stadt boutique hotels interior breakfast croissant french pastry bread
Fresh baked croissants and breads


We booked this hotel at the last moment, like literally last minute – just a few hours before we actually had to go there. But still it only cost us €161 (around $180) per night for two people (in Europe, hotels charge based on the number of people). I’m sure you could get an even better price if you book well in advance.

Bottom Line

Hotel Austria is an impressive hotel where the imposingly old meets with the modern world to produce some of the best aesthetic moments that you’ll experience during your stay in architecturally strong Vienna.

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