Lounge Review: Amex Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Airport

During our recent trip to Zion National Park, we had decided to fly in and out of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The first thing we usually do, after booking our flights, is check for lounges at the airport because who doesn’t enjoy some pre-flight relaxation in a comfortable setting that comes equipped with delicious food, fancy cocktails and fast WiFi, right!

As we have access to Priority Pass Select lounges that come with our Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card, we mostly just look at their website to find out if the airport has any affiliated lounges, which is quite rare for domestic flights by the way. Upon checking, we found that the airport had The Club lounge, which came under Priority Pass. This made us quite happy!

But, as we were recently approved for The Amex Platinum Card that grants access to Centurion and American Express Lounges all over the world, we were excited to check out if Las Vegas airport had any of these lounges. And to our delight, it did! We were really excited to check out the Centurion lounge for the very first time.

Lounge Access

Unfortunately, American Express doesn’t have any Lounge Membership Programs, which means there is no way to purchase membership to access their lounges, neither do they have any day pass options.

So, the only way to access their lounges is by having either an Amex Platinum Card or a Centurion Card. Of course, if you know somebody who has either of these cards and are willing to take you as their guest, then that’s another way too!

Location & Hours

Hours: 5 AM – 11 PM

The American Express Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas airport is located at Terminal 1 near Gate D1. Since all concourses are connected via an airport shuttle, accessing the lounge is quite easy even if you’re flying from a different concourse.

Concourse D at LAS Airport

As we had our flight departing from Concourse B, we cleared our security check there and headed straight to the lounge. In order to reach D gates from Concourse B, first follow signs for all B gates. After crossing them head towards C gates where you’ll find the airport shuttle that will take you to Concourse D. You’ll need to take the same shuttle back to the concourse where your flight is departing from.

Lounge Interiors

The moment we entered the lounge, we felt like we were transported to a calm and peaceful space away from the hustle and bustle of the LAS airport. Our first impression of the lounge was that the reception staff was very friendly and the lounge was very spacious!

The lounge is elegantly appointed with couches, sleeping pods and dining tables, sort of creating three different sections for people if they want to get some work done, have food or just chill and sleep. Due to this arrangement, people get spread out across the sections and the lounge doesn’t seem overly packed. So, kudos to its interior arrangement!

The furniture itself though needed to be upgraded a bit with couches starting to wear out and tables starting to chip.

Food and Drinks

The lounge offers a good selection of food items, which are not only delicious but are also sufficient enough to fill you up for the entire flight duration! It also has a well equipped bar that apart from serving all kinds of regular drinks, has a huge selection of signature cocktails as well.

Since we had quite some time before our flight, we decided to start with some drinks and trail mix. We took two of their signature drinks, Pimm’s Cup and Blue Door, and we can gladly say that both were pretty good. But oh, their trail mix stole all the points; it was to die for!

Our drinks – Pimm’s Cup & Blue Door. But this trail mix, though!

As we were there during evening hours, the buffet was focused around dinner items. It included some warm entrees such as the rotisserie chicken, grilled asparagus, vegetable curry and steamed rice, along with a soup and salad bar. Out of the food items, their vegetable curry was the winner!

Enjoying our dinner at the lounge

There’s also a tea/coffee station where you can make your own cappuccinos, lattes or teas and enjoy it with the desserts they offer.

I believe the dessert options keep changing everyday, but that day it included a decadent caramel pecan bread pudding and some varieties of cookies.

Our dessert – Caramel Pecan Bread Pudding

Showers in the Lounge

Since we were coming directly after hiking the Canyon Overlook Trail, we were in desperate need of a shower. And to our relief, this lounge had a shower facility. (Actually, there’s only one shower in the lounge, but it does the job!)

Our faces say enough – we were dead tired after our hiking trip!

The showers are appropriately equipped with all kind of essentials including warm towels, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and hair dryer.

Not all domestic lounges offer shower facilities, and this is definitely a huge positive of the Amex Centurion Lounge.

Re-energized after a hot shower!

Overall Impressions

We’ve been to a lot of domestic lounges and I can say for sure that Amex Centurion Lounge at LAS Airport is one of the better domestic lounges offering services almost equivalent to their international counterparts.

We enjoyed chilling there and resting in their sleeping pods, which was really needed after our intense hiking trip.

Apart from the worn out furniture, this lounge definitely checks all boxes to ensure you relax completely before your flight.

Have you been to an American Express lounge?
How was your experience?
Tell me about it in the comments!

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35 thoughts on “Lounge Review: Amex Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Airport

  1. I was always curious about the Amex Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Airport. I have seen it a few times on my travels there. Now I have an idea what an Amex Centurion lounge will be like in other cities!

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  7. Thank you for what will possibly be my only look at an airport lounge ;). I’m amazed at how nice the shower facilities are! Hope you had a great time in Zion National Park – I loved it there.

  8. I cannot say that I will be seeing the inside of an airport lounge unless one of my friends invites me. I always wanted to be able to go into one. I do not smoke, but I have heard that some have smoking sections in the airport. Who would have thunk it?

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