6 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Dog

Traveling, as it is, is great. What’s not to like about spending time exploring new cultures, stunning landscapes and architectural wonders? But there’s something that can make your travels that much more rewarding. Bringing your dog with you to experience all these amazing things! There are so many reasons why your dog can make wonderful travel memories that you might never have thought of before. If you’re wondering what exactly these compelling reasons are to travel together, well you’ve come to the right place, because we’re obsessed with dog travel. Here are just a few of the top reasons why we love traveling with our canine companions—and why you will too! 

dog travel companion outdoors fun airplane anxiety stress
Our dog, Maple, loves to travel.

1. They Help to Ease Flight Anxiety

If you are someone who feels sick with dread at the thought of stepping onto a plane, we get it. Flight anxiety is a heavy thing to deal with and can really affect your travel experience, even to the point of limiting the destinations you can travel to. One excellent reason why traveling with a dog is a good idea is that they can help you to overcome your anxiety about flying, naturally. With approval from your doctor, you could be eligible to make your dog your emotional support animal, which means that you are able to take them aboard as a soothing presence if you struggle with the thought of flying.

dog travel companion outdoors fun airplane anxiety stress
How could that face not ease anxiety!

2. They Can Act as a Source of Protection in the Wilderness and Remote Areas

Another practical aspect to bringing your dog with you when camping, traveling or driving through remote areas is the security that they can provide. Dogs are great at putting off wildlife (or even unwanted attention) when you are in isolated areas, not to mention they can also give you peace of mind if you’re traveling solo. 


3. They Help You to Make New Friends Everywhere You Go!

It’s no secret that dogs are the ultimate extroverts, ready to socialize with pretty much anyone, anytime, no matter whether they’re dog or human! So, a huge bonus of traveling with a dog is that you are likely to attract new friends wherever you go. You may find that people are more likely to approach you for a chat, and that you make more new friends than you would otherwise. This can also be great for those with social anxiety, as dogs provide a ‘buffer’ that can take the focus of yourself when socializing, making it easier to connect with others, by easing the effects of social anxiety disorder (SAD). 

dog travel companion outdoors fun airplane anxiety stress wilderness

4. They Encourage You to Get Out into the Great Outdoors

When you have a dog by your side, you’ve got no choice but to get out there and explore everything on offer. Dogs will not abide by a holiday spent sitting lazily by the pool, so if you’re keen on an active, adventurous travel partner, then bring your dog! Whether you go hiking, exploring beaches, traversing ancient monuments or discovering new foods, your dog is an excellent motivator to help you make the most of your destination.  

dog travel companion outdoors fun airplane anxiety stress
He loves beaches as well!

5. You’ll Never Be Alone When You Solo Travel…With a Dog

Some of us love to solo travel, but find that there are certain downsides to this freeing form of voyage. If you want to mix your solo travel up a bit, why not try traveling with your pup for a different experience? Traveling with a pet can help the loneliness that can occasionally strike when you are traveling by yourself, and as mentioned above they can also provide a level of security. 

6. Dog Selfies are the Cutest Ever

Okay, this is obviously the most important reason to travel with your dog, period. I mean have you ever seen travel dog selfies? Do yourself a favor and Google that, right now. Uh huh. Making special memories with your best bud while traveling is super satisfying, and having the adorable dog selfies that document these are something you need in your life!

dog travel companion outdoors fun airplane anxiety stress selfies
dog travel companion outdoors fun airplane anxiety stress selfies
We just love to travel with our dog. He is our best travel companion!

A Note on Responsible Dog Travel

There are hundreds of wonderful reasons to travel with your dog, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility. As a traveling dog owner, it’s up to you to keep the reputation of all us sterling, by traveling responsibly. As an owner, it’s your job to ensure that you do your due research to make sure that you only travel in areas where your dog is permitted, and that you clean up after your dog. Some simple dog parent courtesy is all it takes to ensure we can all continue to travel with our pets and have all the fun with them.

If you’re a dog lover then traveling with your Fido could be the best decision you ever make. For the reasons above, and a plethora of others, traveling with a pet can bring a whole raft of positive changes to your travels. So why not take your furry friend on your next trip—we promise you won’t regret it! 

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47 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Dog

  1. I enjoyed reading this and some great facts about travelling with dogs. We have flown them all over. Thank you. Good information here.

  2. I have never thought about traveling with my doggie. I always felt like he might be uncomfortable. You made some good points. I’ll have to give it a try and see what fun Max and I can get into.

  3. I am a flight attendant and I love seeing people bring their pets onboard (as long as they respect all the rules obviously). If I had a pet I would 100% travel with it 🙂

  4. Oh yes I agree with this 100% – we have two dogs and we try to take them everywhere we go. Plus when I leave my dogs I am SADDDDD about it!

  5. i dont have a dog but i def would travel with it if i did- its great to have a little travel buddy!

  6. this post was so cute and fun! I love dogs and I would love to have one but i always thought it is a bit difficult to bring them with you depending on where you travel to…


  7. I love dogs so much and miss mine dearly, I would totally love traveling with a dog.

  8. Oh my gosh, you must love travelling with your little fur baby! I wish my dog didn’t have such high anxiety, or I would bring her everywhere with me!

  9. If i had a dog like yours i wouldn’t leave me for a second! Maple is the cutest!!! I bet it is so much fun to have him around.

  10. I’m showing this to my SO immediately. He never wants our dogs tagging along so he needs to see what we’re missing out on.

  11. Aww, first of all your dog is absolutely the most adorable!! I’m so glad that you give your dog the opportunity to see the world and have some fun! Unfortunately, I am allergic to dogs (THE WORST, I KNOW!) However, I agree with all of your points. You are never alone when you travel with a dog!!

  12. So Maple is beyond adorable! I’d LOVE to be able to travel with our dogs — a full-sized Goldendoodle and a mutt who are both about one — but it just seems like soooooo much work right now. Maybe one day if I get to live my dream of hanging out in an RV for a while! 🙂 ~ Sage Scott, the Everyday Wanderer

  13. I would love to travel with our dog, but she’s a spoiled Diva dog and wouldn’t tolerate all the disruption in her routine! LOL!

  14. Your dog is so cute, reminds me totally of my sister’s pooch, she was a gorgeous doggie, though she passed away a couple of years ago, she had a long happy life. I’m not sure they ever took her overseas with them though, luckily she had friends and family to take her in when they were away. I’m sure it would be lovely to travel with your pets though!

  15. Omg! such a great post. I’d really love to travel with my dog. Its so sweet to travel with your baby. By the way, your dog is so cute like my pup..

  16. I love traveling but not with ny dogs. But soon I’m hoping that I could bring them along with me.

  17. I never thought of traveling with my dog before. But it sounds like a great idea. Will try this next time.

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